Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Last 3 Months

Let's just face it, with four kids, one husband, two dogs, one cat and FACE BOOK...BLOGGING has been abandoned. I miss it so and I hope to see it more often, but who am I kidding?
My life is like a hurricane, a tornado and a severe thunderstorm all happening at once. This is a MIRACLE as I type and post what we Apples have been up to these last 3 months.

First of all we celebrated our FIRST BORN child's 11th Birthday!
SO far she has broken my heart, I have broken hers and together we are learning to be a super mother-daughter dynamic duo by remembering to forgive quickly and give our special hugs of LOVE you NO MATTER WHAT!
Not sure how she grew up sooooo fast!

Mia's keeping me busy playing interactive board and mind games. She is my iron sharpens iron intellectual brainiac child!!!

I made my family take some FALL photos with me at Gentry's Pumpkin Patch.They so hate me for always taking photos...but I hope someday they will appreciate the fact that I JUST LOVE THEM SO!!!

Of course, my sweet Little Sister is FAMILY too, and she LOVES me for always wanting to take pictures! And any excuse to hang out with her is always good!

Oh...and then there is me constantly correcting this little man. He is my keep me on my toes, about to lose my cool, just about to spank you son until he just in time gives me a smile and a I LOVE you mommy that melts me into a I LOVE you too son but NEXT time you are gonna GET IT!!!!

Did I mention that this child has a heart as big as the size of TX? She gives the best smiles, hugs and never leaves one thing undone that has to do with making other people feel like they are the ONLY person in the room!!! I have enjoyed spending time with her and she has taught me that life is too short to let it pass you by without her!

SO...I am hanging on TIGHT to her, her sister, and her brothers!

BUT...NOT forgetting to hang out and celebrate some really important friends' birthdays!!
Because...momma just needs a break and a moment to say thank you and I love you girls for being in my life through the mud and the muck!

P.S. I also love you girls that I can't hang out with due to obvious reasons of living very far away!

Most importantly...we finally got a date night which literally took a village to help us do! Even our kids got excited for us too!!! I must say this is the one thing I miss the most, being on a date alone with my man!!! He really is the bestest friend I have!

But of course, our horse and carriage quickly turns back into a pumpkin!
But I DO NOT mind one bit because I know that before too long these little APPLE pumpkins will leave the nest so I will happily take on more fun, messes and mayhem!

Because...just look at them! They are mini me's and mini Keith's that I FALL in LOVE with all over again and again!

AND the most awesome thing is they fall in love with each other over and over again, too!

Prayers to you all that keep up with us for beautiful times like these! I believe it only gets sweeter the more time you love on each other and promise to keep loving in and through all He gives you!


jam'n bell said...

that is such a beautiful post, betty.
you are so good with words.

Pamela Johnson said...

very sweet Betty. Love all the pictures!